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DIY Electro Polishing.

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DIY Electro Polishing 
Electro polishing updated 1
Electro polishing updated 2

A carbon fibre electropolishing brush

DIY Electro polishing
Here is my new personal development: a small stainless steel weld cleaning setup, First of all I was not happy with pickling and passivating pastes - they are poisonous and highly toxic, require a high level of safety and very dangerous to handle and use, messy and very difficult to wash and the main thing I did not want this sh... stuff anywhere on my alcohol stills and stills of my customers, anywhere near my workshop and myself personally.

electropolishingready for polish

In fact there are a number of different non toxic methods exist: sand blasting, mechanical polishing, and electro polishing, so the sand blasting is ok but can ruin the mirror finish, requires the sand blasting chamber, compressor and heaps of other stuff, - I use it but for some little spots, the next one is a mechanical polishing, again -  not good for difficult to reach places, can be messy and really limited by the shape of the detail - I use it too, for easy to reach things, but what about electro polishing? First of all it is gives a lot of advantages over chemical passivation - non messy, non toxic, easy to wash off.

ferromit electropolishingpolishing in progress, ferromit method

The setup is utilizes a method of electro galvanic metal cleaning where electricity, electrolyte and electrical conductors are involved.  The ready setups for electro polishing are sold commercially, and quiet expensive, so I done my own research and experimenting, and found that many things are readily available and cost next to nothing in comparison with a commercial setups, plus I am in the stainless fabrication industry and I found that the most of things that I need already available in my work shop, also I am making my carbon brushes myself,

electropolishing completeelectropolishing method by ferromit

the insulated brush holder cost a few dollars to build, and non toxic chemicals are sold in local automotive parts shop, thus if you about to build your own stainless steel based distillation equipment , you may consider to use this simple DIY electro polishing method to make your equipment bright and shiny and free of poisonous traces.
Good luck.

Electro polishing plans cost: US $9.50
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