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Fractional alcohol still N25.

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N25 alcohol still: fractional distillation. 
N25 Alcohol still: Gin distillation.

N 25 still

Here is our new development: a real marvel in the world of distillation equipment that combines affordability, high efficiency, superior quality and simplicity - the N25 fractional alcohol still. This still produces 95% ethanol, no percentage decline from start to end of fractional distillation.
N25 home brew still includes a 25 litre stainless steel boiler with waste release valve, a fractional column (that also used as a stripping column), with packed reflux cartridge that slides into the main column and thus makes it fractional: the main column is hollow inside and once installed onto the 25L boiler acts like a stripping column, producing raw spirit at rate of 3L per hour.
To perform fractional distillation the sliding reflux column is inserted into the main column - converting it into a fractional column with all proper refluxn25 still's coumns ratio control.
N25 fractional (valve controlled reflux) still has 100% stainless steel construction (unlike other overprized and heavily packed with plastic parts stills) , and during distillation there is no ethanol and plastic contact, the plastic tubes are for cooling water supply only, the sliding column made out of stainless steel and packed with stainless steel coils (no copper and stainless mix as some other stills have with stainless N25 alcohol stillcolumn and copper packing - two different metals = electrochemical reaction).
This still is ideal for home alcohol brewing hobby person, for soap maker who needs a bit of ethanol or as a laboratory equipment (research, educational institutions) to produce ethanol on a small scale - unlike a glass stills that used in the lab, this still is not prone to damage, it is not fragile (stainless steel) and will last a life time The  N25 fractional alcohol still is capable to produce 1500mL of purified 95% ethanol per hour. The N25 fractional still is able to produce 95% ethanol on a small scale, and alcohol can be used either as a fuel or as a base for alcoholic drinks production.

How to run "N25" still 

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