25L fractional distiller

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Q: Hi what is used in the fractional distillation column e.g. stainless pot scourers, marbles, plates etc? How easy is that to clean? Thanks Carolann  

A: The filling in the column is a custom made stainless steel spiraled coils, and packing can be made removable or stationery - to suit a customer's requirements. Thanks

Q: would the purified alcohol be similar to that of iso?

A: I do not know about iso but I know that one with this still can make an alcoholic drink that will tastes like one from the liquor shop’s top shelf. Thanks

Q:  When you say 8L of pure spirit in one go, do you mean 8L at 96% or 8L at 40%?  

A:  Hi, I mean 8L of 96% spirit, please note that 8L of 96% spirit produced from 20L of 50% raw spirit not from mash.  And raw spirit is made from mash, the still equipped with two different columns: one for raw spirit (home brew grade spirit) and another for purified ethanol (high quality spirit for alcoholic beverages production). Thank you.  Comment:  Please note that 8L of 96% spirit will make 19.5L of high quality 40% vodka.

Q:  Hi, I have a Euro 30 still, how different is this still to use, is it basically the same, i.e.: boiling the fermented wash and extracting the alcohol off. Thanks

A:  Hi, the principle of distillation is always the same, but in my system you can control the speed and quality of spirit and your distillation will be based on fractions calculations so there is no guess work, plus all euro stills are constructed with heavy usage of plastic and rubber seals and flanges that are expensive and worn out very quickly, to load/unload the still one need to remove the column and turn upside-down and so on, in my still all parts are welded and will last forever, very convenient


Q:  Thanks for  that, is it reasonably to use i.e.: the fractions/calculations side of it or do you require an IQ of 180>?

 A: No need I already have done it for those who will use the still, the manual and video have examples and calculation tables, all you need to do is follow directions and use your own numbers instead of mine, so if one is educated enough to calculate the change in a supermarket then the same person is clever enough to use this still.

Q:  Will you sell these plans on an ongoing basis. I want one but can’t afford today. I'd give my right nut to be able to home brew avgas with this thing. Currently I can only get 85% out of my crummy old still spirits reflux still, but at 96% this would be worth every penny. 

A: Yes I will sell stills plans on an ongoing basis. Thanks

Q:  Hey, when you say capable of making 96% how often would u achieve this,ie.50% of the time?  

 A:  Hi, just read description it is says no percentage drop during distillation and you will get 96% spirit 100% of time out of 100% of tries Thanks.  

 Comment:  The video about this still is explains of how to achieve 96% of spirit.

Q:  Do you guarantee the 192proof or 96% alcohol production emphatically stated?

A:  I guarantee 192proof, I use the spirit I make on the same still to run my lawnmowers straight, I used  to run my car on that stuff for several months. Please note to obtain correct reading make sure you followed instructions, the measuring glass is dry, spirit is exactly 20degrees Celsius and alcoholmeter and thermometer are professional ones for example from Kenneth Ball limited, they supply instruments for alcoholic beverage manufactories, and those instruments are approved by NZ customs service.

Cheap alcoholmeter is not correct it is very small up to 25cm and has scales from 0 to 100, cost from $5 to $25, real one is purpose made very massive and get hundred scales but designed to measure only few percentages like from 37% to 42% only and read gravimetric pressure of liquid or let say the weight of certain amount of liquid in certain volume, to translate the reading one will need a special book that approved internationally and one will need special thermometer and all of this from $600.
Thus I will never claim anything incorrect just to attract people This still is designed to normally produce only high quality spirit at 96% alc/vol. Thank you

Q:  Hi there, silly question but I want to know. If this makes 8 liters of sprits at 96% how many liters would I end up with after watering it down (if that’s what you do??) if I only wanted my say bourbon to be about 20%?

A:  Hi, in the manual that supplied with still plans there is a table with dilution figures, so out of 8L you going to get 38.56L of 20% alcohol after dilution. Thanks

Q:  What do you use to pack the column? How long does the packing last? What is the replacement cost for the packing? So am I getting this right there is absolutely no need to filter the spirit at all? 

A:  The packing will last as long as still itself, note the packed big column is used for spirit fractioning only, so there is no need to clean the packing up, all dirty work of mash redistilling is done with small column that is not packed at all: no need. The spirit made with this system does not needs to be treated as one made on conventional home brew still if you done distillation right just add some water, settle for few hours and drink. You may filter if you wish, or not really happy with the final product (cloudiness). 

Q:  I am using a reflux still at the moment and get about 85%. Even after filtering the spirit still has a flavor. am I correct in saying that the spirit from this still will be greatly improved? I have only just started this hobby but I want to create a really pure spirit otherwise when you flavor it, it doesn’t taste right  

 A:  My business is to design and build distillation equipment even for vodka companies, so what kind of difference you can get when compare home made vodka and one from liquor shop? So you will get the same difference when using my still, because it is utilizes the same design as a still that used commercially. Actually you will be capable to produce any drinks that will taste the same as ones bought in liquor shop.

.Q:  this still seems quite technical, can you advise is it okay for a beginner or experience required thank you.  

 A:  This still is a new of its type so either you beginner or experienced you will need to learn some new technique of distilling, and it is not that difficult, you do not have to be  a genius: everything in manual. 

Q:  You say that you manufacture stills. Do you do a larger one like 50 or 100 liters? If only wanting around 60% alcohol, this still can do this?  

 A:  I do make continuous stills as well, small size and very big ones make spirit continuously at 60% but this spirit still needs to be purified, so you will need fractional column, but if the quality is not an issue then continuous still is choice. Please note that still that makes only around 60% of spirit strength is potentially producing poor quality spirit that is simple home brew stuff. Last big one I built was 300L of volume capable of 120L of 96% spirit in 10 hours.


Q:  What packing do you use in the column? Is there any copper in this still column?  

 A:  The only material I use is stainless steel.

Q:  hi, are you able to produce fuel with this equipment?  

 A:  Yes it is possible but with this equipment it is not economical just designed for a high quality booze production, currently working on new continuous type still for fuel production. Thanks


Q:  I want to produce fuel for myself, what you would recommend?   I would recommend to wait for a little while and very soon I will start production of fuel ethanol plants.

Q:  Can this be used to produce fuel grade ethanol?  

A:   Yes it can be used for it but you will need a big amount of fuel ethanol so this still is not really for fuel production though the by products of distillation can be used for your lawn mover , my lawn mover did not see any petrol for 3 years and runs well on spirit. Currently I developing continuous distillation machine for fuel ethanol production.

Q:  does it come with instructions as I’m a bit confused  

A:  Yes plans are sold with distillation instructions and video about step by step distillation on this still, the copy of video is available on this site.

Q:  all stills I know do fractioning with temperature, yet watching your video you do rough calculations...is there a thermometer in the rig..

A:   I used to use a thermometer too and calculation along, the bad thing about thermometer is that its readings can be affected by barometric pressure outside: e.g. rain or sun and we will see different temperature of boiling, yes during rectification we rely on different physical properties of spirits they all have different temperature of boiling on another hand we know that there are certain amounts of different spirits. So by using these calculations you will avoid spirit loss or quality loss.
You will avoid the loss in event that your thermometer is wrong plus to get exact reading of boiling temperatures one will need to know temperatures of boiling of all spirits presented at certain barometric pressure outside. All my calculations are based on my personal experience, I served 10 years in military forces as chemicals tester, worked for vodka companies and use to build and design distillation devices, thus I used those calculations for years and never get a mistake.
Plus it is easier to follow your calculations when you already know all amounts you going to take than sit all the time next to the still and wait for temperature change and get confused about quality of spirits. I use to work with some columns where flow control located at low half and temperature gauge at the top and column itself is few meters high plus a bunch of pipes around, so calculations are more convenient. And I tried to build it user friendly without unneeded extras and costs.

  Q:  Hi, what are your views on these commercial "vodka makers"? Are they a bit of a gimmick, or do you think they would/could produce as good of a product as your fractional still?. Cheers (www.vodkamaker.co.nz)  

A:   I think they are a gimmick, they are just small still pots there is no way they could be able to keep percentage at 96% during distillation. for the proper rectification the reflux column must be applied where evaporation and condensation of the same mass of spirit should happen at least 15 times to reach 96% plus the proper column must be equipped with flow rate control. One thing is for sure one can not tell the difference between vodka made with my stills and leading vodka brands.

Some more:  they include flavor concentrates just think about the VODKA concentrate for vodka maker, so the question is:  what kind of taste and smell their spirit has? In my case you make spirit dilute it with water and you get real vodka no vodka concentrate heeded. Cheers

 Q:  are the world’s major distilleries such as Jim beam using this technology or are they still using the 200 year old pot still design?  

A:   Do not know about  Jim beam , believe that they use old technology, but leading companies like Absolute use continuous stills for raw spirit production and fractional distillers (rectification columns) for spirit purification, note this one designed for home use, and yes this is rectification column.  Comment:  
To start with this machine you need one fermenting vessel approx 30L- whatever plastic drum to make 20L of ferment at 12% alc (will give you 2L of 96% purified spirit=5L of 40 % vodka and total of approx 600ml of impurities where methanol, butyl alcohol and bunch of other aldehydes, everything separated from each other) , 100ml lab measuring glass and hydrometer from 10 to 100% plus some glass or plastic bottles ex cola OR 3L PLASTIC EX JUICE BOTTLES to collect spirit.
basically you do not need carbon filter because you getting all your fractions separately (but IF YOU REALLY WANT super quality you can use flow through filter and filter your Vodka AT SPEED THAT THE FILTER IS CAPABLE OF.) This is basically what you need to start
Some more: all those reflux systems that sold in brewery supply shops not really convenient for example to empty one of them you will need to wait when it becomes cool enough to turn it upside down and you have to lift it first, to fill it you have to remove lead or column itself disturbing seal plus those constructions are not solidly build and could be bend and broken very easy, more over they cost above $600 new and have only one column and deliver a spirit of doubtful quality.

  Q:  How do you control the different weight distillates? How do you know that you aren’t producing methanol in dangerous amounts?  What have you been distilling from?  Why are you selling? Does the pot have a water jacket all around it or does the element sit in the mash?  

A:   for several years I was designing and building continuous and batch distillation devices for VODKA companies and this machine build the way to make a real spirit and suit needs of home brewer I will provide calculations of percentages of different spirits presented in the solution.  About dangerous amounts of methanol you going to redistill the staff that called raw spirit or homebrew that is a final product for distillers that are sold by brewery supply shops and this staff is not poisonous. 

 Comment: The recipe is most simple one, I distilling from sugar and yeast. I selling this distillers and plans because this is my business I build them and sell. There is no water jacket the element sits in the mash. 

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