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About Ferromit.

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The "Ferromit" is the online front of the family-owned business "Hephasstus Ltd" in New Zealand. The primary activity of our company is the custom construction of different types of distillation equipment: ranging from small homebrew distillers to continuous alcohol and fuel ethanol stills.
We have many years of experience in the alcohol distillers' construction business, distillation, and brewing. Our homebrew stills are considered to be among the best alcohol distillers in the world - robust construction and exceptional quality of alcoholic products.

We are exporting our machines all over the world. Thus you can find our custom build homebrew stills on every continent.

All our distillation equipment is patented and unique at the same time. To build our products - fractional and continuous distillers - we use the only best selection of materials - 304 and 316 stainless steel. The distillation equipment constructed in our workshop is 100% tig welded.

Our alcohol distillers produce different kinds of alcoholic drinks and fuel ethanol production. Homebrew stills are perfect for hobby distillation, while bigger-sized fractional and continuous distillers are ideal for small and medium-sized commercial alcohol production.

Our continuous stripping alcohol stills are perfect for primary distillation of various washes for whiskey and vodka production, golden syrup, sugar, and molasses-based washes for rum production, and wine and cider processing for brandy production. Our batch distillers and rectifying (fractional) columns are for reflux alcohol purification and neutral alcohol production. Straight distillation columns and infusers are suitable for gin production and other herbal infused alcohols distillation.

Apart from our stills, we also do some research in the field of alternative energy, and you can see some results on pages of our site.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your quality homebrew and small commercial distillation equipment needs.


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