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Looking to create your own Waste Motor Oil (WMO) distillation unit and start producing fuel? Your search ends here. We offer construction manuals for WMO distillation units tailored to your specific requirements.

Whether you are venturing into small-scale personal fuel production or a small commercial enterprise, our detailed petroleum processing distiller construction manuals have the solutions you need. we're dedicating to helping you make the right decision, and if desired, we can even design a custom unit for you.

Turn your waste motor oil into valuable fuel using our comprehensive distillation unit construction manuals - your pathway to successful fuel production.

WMO Distillation

 WMO distillation machine that is easy to work with, small and mobile, low maintenance, yet capable of good quality diesel fuel.

Waste oil distiller

Also, if you wish to build your distiller with your own hands, then you can buy construction plans here as well.
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Continuous WMO Reformer. 

Continuous Reformer

 Latest version of the continuous used automotive oil reformer.


WMO Reformer

High Temperature oil reformer

The first version of the waste motor oil reformer.

Fuel Separator

Diesel/Gasoline continuous separator.

 High flow accidentally mixed diesel and petrol fuel separation machines.

Fuel separators are designed for continuous separation of accidentally mixed fuel, for example wrong fuel in a fuel tank - gasoline (petrol) in diesel and vice versa.

Thus the petrol separation machine can continuously separate petrol from diesel, dividing resulting fuel into two separate streams, the resulting fuel is safe for use as intended for diesel and petrol powered engines.

Currently we build such a machines to individual order, the size of the individual unit will vary accordingly to the customer recovery rate requirements, the page about the separators are under construction, for additional information please contact us:



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WMO Distiller 


WMO Still building plans


Waste Oil Reformer
Continuous reformer plans

WMO reformer Mk1
WMO Reformer Plans

 WMO Processing unit
WMO Distiller

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